Peer Reviewed Papers

Milica Grahovac, Paul Ehrlich, Jianjun Hu and Michael Wetter.
Model-based Data Center Cooling Controls Comparative Co-design.
Science and Technology for the Built Environment, 30(4), 394–414, 2023.

Michael Wetter, Yan Chen, Karthik Devaprasad, Paul Ehrlich, Jianjun Hu.
Bridging the gap between building energy modeling and controls implementation - experiences of, and best practice for, coupled HVAC-control modeling.
Proc. of the 18th IBPSA Conference, p. 791-798, Shanghai, China, September 2023.

Carlos Duarte Roa, Paul Raftery, Anand Prakash and Therese Peffer.
Field Demonstration of the Brick Ontology to Scale up the Deployment of ASHRAE Guideline 36 Control Sequences.
ASHRAE Annual Conference, 2023.

Kun Zhang, David Blum, Hwakong Cheng, Gwelen Paliaga, Michael Wetter and Jessica Granderson.
Estimating ASHRAE Guideline 36 energy savings for multi-zone variable air volume systems using Spawn of EnergyPlus.
Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 15(2), p. 215-236, 2022.

Michael Wetter, Paul Ehrlich, Antoine Gautier, Milica Grahovac, Philip Haves, Jianjun Hu, Anand Prakash, Dave Robin and Kun Zhang.
OpenBuildingControl: Digitizing the control delivery from building energy modeling to specification, implementation and formal verification.
Energy, Volume 238, Part A, January 2022.

Michael Wetter, Jianjun Hu, Anand Prakash, Paul Ehrlich, Gabe Fierro, Milica Grahovac, Marco Pritoni, Lisa Rivalin and Dave Robin.
Modelica-json: Transforming energy models to digitize the control delivery process.
Proc. of the 17th IBPSA Conference, Brugge, Belgium, September 2021.

Kun Zhang, David H. Blum, Milica Grahovac, Jianjun Hu, Jessica Granderson and Michael Wetter.
Development and Verification of Control Sequences for Single-Zone Variable Air Volume System Based on ASHRAE Guideline 36.
2nd American Modelica Conference, p. 81–90, Boulder, CO, USA, March 2020.

Michael Wetter, Antoine Gautier, Milica Grahovac, Jianjun Hu.
Verification of Control Sequences within OpenBuildingControl.
Proc. of the 14th IBPSA Conference, p. 885–892, Rome, Italy, September 2019.

Michael Wetter, Jianjun Hu, Milica Grahovac, Brent Eubanks and Philip Haves.
OpenBuildingControl: Modeling feedback control as a step towards formal design, specification, deployment and verification of building control sequences.
Proc. of Building Performance Modeling Conference and SimBuild, p. 775–782, Chicago, IL, USA, September 2018.

Michael Wetter, Milica Grahovac and Jianjun Hu.
Control Description Language.
1st American Modelica Conference, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 2018.

Other Documentation

The working report of the project is available as a pdf file or in html.

The specification for the Control Description Language (CDL) is available here.

The implementation of the CDL language and of control sequences that are implemented using CDL are available through the Modelica Buildings Library. See also its documentation.

The Commercialization and Market Transformation Plan is available as a pdf.